All-English curriculum system

The Global Innovation exXchange Institute of Tsinghua University (GIX) cooperates with the University of Washington and other departments of Tsinghua University (Department of Automation, Department of Computer Science, Art School, etc.), and has excellent faculty resources to create English program that focused on technology, entrepreneurship and design.
Through its cooperation with various fields, GIX is serving as a bridge to build a teaching and research platform between the cooperative departments and the world-class universities, and enhancing the overall performance of them.
GIX has co-constructed a model with the University of Washington, and has exchanged faculty to build a curriculum beyond boundaries. The curriculum will also introduce expertise from academia and industry around the world to deepen international talent training process.

Cultivation process

The two-year study begins at September, courses will be taught in China and the United States.

Awarded degrees

Qualified graduates will be awarded Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science and Information Technology MSE(DSIT) from Tsinghua University and Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI) from the University of Washington.

Integrative multi-disciplinary education system

GIX is building a teaching model improve students' ability based on interdisciplinary integration. It requires the entry level knowledge of students, combines resources from both academia and industry, using heuristic and open teaching methods to explore the multi-disciplinary knowledge teaching model of students in the environment of academic integration. The curriculum measures the background knowledge of the students in the field to adjust the curriculum adaptability, and maximize the efficiency of the learning process.
This includes supplementing the theoretical knowledge to students in the field of that they are lack of experiences, providing a multi-disciplinary system for their innovative thinking, and laying a solid foundation for their research, engineering practice and future work.
GIX combines the cutting-edge knowledge and real world practice to maintain the advanced and practical content of the course content, strengthen the students' expertise in the professional domain and the ability to apply the knowledge to solve actual problems. At the same time, GIX changes the teaching-centered method, configure diverse and highly inspiring courses, maximum the interest of students of knowledge that taught in class, and improve their self-learning ability.

Innovative project-based practice mechanism

Since the program was run, the students of the GIX have experienced different project-driven projects: self-innovation projects, large technology enterprise projects (such as Microsoft), and start-up company projects (such as UISEE). The projects promoted the purpose of knowledge learning, together with the teaching system, they enhanced the ability of students to combine theory with real world practice.
GIX focuses on the project-driven training of students. It will allocate project instructors in universities and industry, coordinate the model of project training and curriculum construction, and build a project practice platform integrating scientific research and teaching. GIX will build sustainable innovation project funding mechanism and industrial cooperation mechanism, establish and improve the way of intellectual property transformation, deepen and enhance the innovative project-driven training model.