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About Dual Master Degree in Connected Devices

In this intensive program, students learn how to take an innovative idea from concept to development, and on to launch. Students spend the first year on the Tsinghua campus during which time you take courses, get connected with an advisor, and start the initial work of the graduation thesis. Then, students leave for the University of Washington in Seattle for the rest 15-month of the program.

After fulfill the study plans of both institutions, students will earn a Master of Science in Engineering(Data Science and Information Technology)(MSE(DSIT)) from Tsinghua University and a Master of Science in Technology Innovation(MSTI) from the University of Washington.

Why Choose GIX Dual Master Degree

Project-based Learning Model

The GIX Dual Degree programs you in a project-based curriculum and team-based learning environment that are developed around three key disciplines: technology development, entrepreneurship, and design thinking.



Experience of Two Culture

Acceptance into GIX Dual Degree represents an opportunity to gain experience in two of the world's most important and rising economies. China is currently the second largest economy in the world and growing at a fast rate. The global technology sector relies heavily on doing business with China and this trend is forecasted to continue to grow. The GIX Dual Degree opens the opportunity for young technologists to gain first hand knowledge and experience through Tsinghua--China's most prestigious university.

The University of Washington is one of the world's leading public research universities with top-ranked programs in computer science, education, medicine, public affairs and more. It is also known for its highly innovative and resourceful environment. The UW ranks among the top universities for technology start-ups, with 21 new companies launched in 2017.

Diversity and Interdisciplinary

GIX Dual Degree attracts people with diverse backgrounds and different levels of experience ranging from recent college grads to technology innovators, experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. The current cohorts, coming from 10+ countries worldwide, form a global community that encourages innovation and collaboration.

Who Should Apply

We’re seeking a diverse cohort of learners who have demonstrated a capacity for innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative teamwork.

Key Dates

Application deadline:

Mainland Chinese applicants

- Early Admission: August 31, 2023 (only for Chinese college students with exam exemption*)

- Regular Admission Deadline:

  • Tsinghua: Oct 25, 2023 (same as China National Graduate Entrance Exam). Please see the program's application codes here.

  • UW: January 17, 2024

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan applicants

  • Tsinghua: December 31, 2023

  • UW: January 17, 2024

Please also mail the hard copies of your recommendation letters to the address in Contact Us.

All other locales

  • Tsinghua: Oct 15, 2023-April 30, 2024

  • UW: January 17, 2024. After the deadline, application may be taken on a rolling base depending on availability.

Application portals:

  • Tsinghua:

- Mainland China:China National Graduate Entrance Exam

- Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan:HMT Graduate Admission

- All other locales:http://gradadmission.tsinghua.edu.cn/f/login

Start an online application. Select “Global Innovation Exchange – Interdisciplinary Group (MS in Technology Innovation)” as the program name. Indicate whether you want to apply to Dual Degree Connected Devices or Dual Degree Robotics.

Application Checklist

1. Resume or curriculum vitae in English.

2. Personal Statement (up to 800 words), describing why you want to apply for the Dual Master Degree, your professional interests and values (including study, internship, and research etc.), and future career plans.

3. Electronic copy of official transcripts or academic records for every post-secondary university or college attended. If your institution provides a cumulative grade point average and/or a class rank for your degree, please make sure to include it.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. Degree certificate and degree authentication provided by a THU recognized institution.

6. Additional materials that demonstrate qualifications and experience (e.g. HSK certificate, published papers, patents, or portfolios).

As the program grants degrees from both Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, you need to apply through both universities’ application portals. Please refer to https://gixnetwork.org/admissions/ for information about applying to the MSTI portion of the program.

Cost and Scholarship

Estimate Cost of Attendance

Tuition should be paid separately to Tsinghua and UW. For the UW MSTI part, please visit Application + Cost - Global Innovation Exchange (gixnetwork.org).



By Semester

Program Total**


(Tuition at THU is not charged by   credit. Instead, it will depend on the length of time you register as a THU   student. The typical program time of GIX is 2-3 years.)

16,500 RMB/semester (may fluctuate each   year depending on the university policy).

66,000-99,000 RMB

Note: Tsinghua tuition should be paid for   the entire program period, including the time at UW (4-6 semesters in total).

Room and Board (suite style)

12,000 RMB/semester (estimate)

24,000 RMB



Basic quote: 400 RMB/semester
  联华留学保险网 (lxbx.net)

800 RMB

Book, Materials and Miscellaneous   (printing, photo taking, etc.)

800 RMB (estimate)

Note: book and materials fee will be paid   directly to vendors instead of the GIX office.


7000 RMB/semester (estimate: cafeteria   food on campus is averagely 50 RMB/day.)

14,000 RMB

Travel and Visa-related

Be aware that international travel would   incur additional cost, including air fare, visa application fees, travel to   designated Chinese consulate or embassy in your country of residence for   in-person application of visa, and possibly pandemic related testing and   quarantine requirements.


35,900 RMB/semester

104,800-137,800 RMB (for the entire   program period of 2-3 years)

Scholarship and Financial Aids

GIX follows the general financial aid policy at Tsinghua University.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

As an overseas collaborative program, GIX is not eligible for the institution-nominating channel of CGS. Students should apply through the dispatching authorities for overseas study in their home countries (i.e. embassies or consulates). Please check with the relevant authorities during the application stage.

2. Tuition Scholarship

The tuition scholarship only covers the Tsinghua portion of tuition and is provided for students receiving no other types of financial support. The tuition scholarship renews every year. However, it is a highly competitive process.

Contact Us

Hard copies should be mailed to (if needed):


清华大学李兆基科技大楼B430-2, 100084

Global Innovation Exchange Institute, Tsinghua University

Lee Shau Kee Building, B430-2

Beijing, China 10084

All the electronic copies should be emailed to:


Phone contact:

+86 10 6278 9207