GIX brings together high-quality research resources in some key areas of science and technology including data mining, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction, and produces research founding at world-class level.

Research Project

  • International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Platform

    Global Innovation eXchange Institute (GIX) undertook the construction of the "International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Platform" of the National Development and Reform Commission, focusing on scientific and technological innovation and attaching importance to the cultivation of interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship students. The platform exerts its outstanding features of internationalization, projectization and integration, establishes a deep integration mechanism of multi-resources, and forms a new mode of training from interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship training to project incubation, creating a demonstration base for cultivating leading talents with ability of strategic original innovation and entrepreneurship. The project construction covers global innovation intelligent space, global innovation training center, electromechanical design and experiment center, design simulation and data analysis software library and international innovation and entrepreneurial accelerator, etc. The aim is to establish a demonstration base for cultivating leading talents with ability of strategic original innovation and entrepreneurship in China and the United States.

  • Connected Devices and Intelligent Interaction

    Projects from Ministry of Education/Cernet and Technological Innovation Enterprises:

    1 Key technology and prototype development of on-vehicle terminals for smart land-based logistics:
    The goal is to develop an on-vehicle IoT terminal for the freight trucking industry, which can promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. Utilizing IoT technologies, this project enables the sensing of vehicles and freight in transit, and provides data support for truck monitoring.

    2 Wearable gesture tracking and interaction technology:
    Design a gesture tracking method that suitable for complex and varied interactive scenes, realizing a portable,high recognition rate, strong robustness,and hand-free hand shape reduction technology.

    3 Intelligent logistics IoT platform:
    The intelligent logistics IoT platform is designed for bulk commodity trade. Using connected technologies, we design smart weighing stations and on-vehicle terminals, which enables the automated and intelligent operation of the weighing stations. This increases the efficiency of the stations, and facilitates vehicular weight inspections.

    4 Intelligent algorithm and sensing techniques for clothing retail:
    This project predicts clothing sales for the clothing retail industry using AI algorithms. RFID tags enables the analysis and modeling of customer buying behavior and the optimization of store locations. This results in significantly reduced costs and increased efficiency for warehouse scheduling and retail management.

    5 Intelligent interactions for visually impaired smartphone users:
    Redefining the accessibility experience by designing blind people's text entry methods, adaptive haptic interfaces, and novel interaction techiniques (Ear Touch) , ect. according to the pain points of visually impaired users.