2018 Global Innovation Winter Camp


1. Overview

On the morning of January 27, the opening ceremony of 2018 Global Innovation Winter Camp was held at Tsinghua University. After strict filtering, there were 56 outstanding high school students were selected as final campers of the 1st Global Innovation Winter Camp.
After over 10 hours' flight, all of the campers and mentors arrived at the camp site — the Global Innovation eXchange (GIX), the first overseas campus of Tsinghua University, which located in Seattle, Washington State. The activities (campus tour at University of Washington, visits to international corporations, lectures and seminars, and innovation challenge, etc.) during the 10 days are very diverse, thereby enriching students' innovation experience.

2. What the campers say

Professor Shi's lecture made us understand that there're five difficulties in doing research: interiority of interactive intentions, randomness of input data, differences in user behavior, richness of the interaction scenario, and limited sensing capability. This value will also act as the direction of what we are going to work on in the future.
——HUANG Chengyue
Coming back from Boeing tour, we start to think about the factors of its success, and we think there are three main points: up-to-date technical manufacturing, innovative production management, and diversified portfolio of business models.
——WU Dawei
Everyone of us learned a lot during the winter camp. What we learned is not just about a company's secrets to success, but also the Tsinghua spirit we experienced from GIX. We learned from each other, to be more precis, more responsible, and the most import, leadership.
——All students of Class 2
We came from different part of China, present ourselves with various cultural backgrounds. This is an exciting experience, because such diversified group of students came together and work together, learn from each other, and then understand each other. It's all because of the charm of Tsinghua!
——All students of Class 3
After the GIX tour, company visits, and lectures given by the Dean, we realized that innovation will never happen overnight. We can make good productions only with the attitude of making the perfection more perfect, and always remember to care about people, which means, the design should be human-centered.
——All students of Class 4

3. Best Project and Outstanding Campers

Best Project Award
Project: Intelligent Classification Trash Bin
Team members: HUANG Ziyue、WEI Zikai、WU Sicheng、ZHOU Yizhe
Project: Active Power Lines Monitoring & Defrosting System
Team members: HUANG Chengyue、JIANG Jinhao、LI Chentian、LI Chenyu
Honorable Mention
Project: Medicine++
Team members: HUANG Yidong、HUANG Zhiyi、LIU Ruohua、TU Yuanzhong
Project: Slope Lander
Team members: DAI Cunxi、PAN Ziqi、TIAN Ziyi、ZHANG Yifan
Outstanding Campers
HUANG Chengyue、HUANG Zhiyi、JIA Qilong、QI Yijia、SHAO Peisheng、YU Zhuohao、ZHANG Kai、ZHENG Bozhong