2018 GIX Innovation Competition


1. Overview

Connected Devices continues to be the theme of the competition. We seek projects that are original, technologically innovative, covering areas such as Internet of Things, wearable devices, intelligent hardware, VR, AR, ubiquitous computing, intelligent sensors, natural interactions with potential applications in various fields (such as education, environment protection, healthcare, transportation, fitness, entertainment and Information Accessibility, etc.). FinTech is a newly added track this year as identity fraud has been a critical social-economic problem for a long time, puzzling governments, institutions, enterprises as well as individuals.
GIX Innovation Competition aims to tackle the challenge of identity fraud by applying cutting-edge technology, and utilizing advanced scientific knowledge. 
1. Use cases include but are not limited to loan application, individual or enterprise credit rating, college application, pre-employment background check.
2. Final output can take the form of software systems, mobile applications, intelligent hardware, sensors etc.
3. Relevant technologies include block chain, machine learning, natural language understanding (NLU), speech recognition, computer vision, knowledge map, intelligent question-answer system (IQAS), emotion analysis, micro expression analysis, human-computer interaction, biosensor etc.
Automated fraud recognition is widely regarded as one of the most promising technologies in the business of personal credit loans. Founded in 2010, Youxin Financial is a leading China Fintech company, focused on individual financial services including inclusive loans, consumer finance and personal wealth management. The company's mission is to provide better personal financial services to customers around the world. Youxin Financial includes several leading brands in the Chinese fintech industry, such as Ucredit and Renrendai.
By late May, 2018, over 400 project applications were received worldwide. From July 11 to 14, through 4 on-site semi-finals held in Beijing, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Bellevue and one online semi-final, judges selected 20 teams to attend the final round of GIX Innovation Competition.

2. Introduction of the finalists

(1) Dynamic Voice Authentication
An API that combines voice biometric authentication and natural language understanding (NLU), enabling customers to safely access their accounts without the need to remember a password. Users simply answer a question that is generated based on their past account activities, in their own voice. The API is easy to integrate into existing infrastructure and drastically simplifies the sign-up and log-in process.
(2) Nature Coin
Each year, 8 million tons of plastics are discharged into the ocean and 80% are from landfills, but sadly only 10% are recycled. Nature Coin is a blockchain-enabled reward system for enhancing recycling rate to solve ocean plastics problem. The designers' vision is to contribute to the circular economy by provide incentives to encourage recycling through a decentralized reward system. Increasing ocean plastics recycling rate by 1% will create USD15M profits in the market.
(3) New Hab
In China, over 30 millions of people in need of physical therapy do not have the access to it. Many patients experience delayed or unsatisfactory rehabilitation, often resulting in mobility restriction. NewHab offers a solution with its wearable devices and accompanied mobile apps by optimizing the distribution of professional resources for post-surgical orthopedics physical therapy. NewHab boosts the efficiency of on-site sessions and enables rehabilitation telemedicine via a platform accessible by both patients and therapists.
(4) EZ Check
This is a team of four Biotechnologists who are in the process of developing a Pregnancy detector. The pregnancy detector is designed so that the device can be used by anyone and the results are either positive or negative and is not open to interpretation of the user.
(5) Brainstat
Brainstat is an application that can be used to monitor the driver's condition of any transportation services from his brain waves activities. Brainstat will monitor the driver's level of physical condition, focus, sleepiness, concentration, consciousness, and stress. It will give an early warning to the driver and also the passengers if the driver's condition could probably encounter a problem during the trip to prevent an accident that caused by human error. Brainstat also being integrated with mapping technology based on cloud computing, so it can map the condition of all drivers from long range area.
DEXMO is the lightest full hand force feedback exoskeleton in the world. It captures all hand motions and provides virtual force feedback. With it, users could feel virtual objects physically, taking immersion experience of virtual/mixed reality to a further step. DEXMO is a compact, lightweight and wireless. It features award-winning industrial design, patented algorithm and mechanical design, as well as advanced manufacturing process. It is compatible with all mainstream VR/MR platforms, and can be used in various scenarios, including virtual training scenes like operating theaters, nuclear power plants or space stations, where the kinesthetic sense of position and movement is critical, as well as virtual assembly line, medical rehabilitation, or social VR and gaming.
(7) Air Faucet System
The first generation of Air Faucet System subverts traditional way of water utilization, relying on the world initiate low-pressure high-efficiency atomization technology. It can achieve a water-saving rate as high as 90% while providing good cleaning effect and comfortable user experience. It is far superior to other water-saving products on the market and the technology is pioneer in the industry across the world.
(8) M-ring
M-ring is a new type of smart ring. The innovative wearing method enables the modular design and offers a better wearing experience. By separating the communication module, function module and battery, MRing fully utilizes the limited space around fingers. Users can switch the function module based on their needs to make MRing a touch panel, an alarm, a fitness monitor, an earphone, etc.
(9) Mastery - X Reality
MASTERY Gloves is the only gloves-like interactive device in the world that can accurately capture gestures and give vibration feedback, as far as we know. MASTERY gloves can provide extremely natural way to interact with VR, MR and AR devices.
(10) Portable Near- Infrared Spectrometer
The intelligent terminals are very import for the development of Internet of things (IoT) and big data analysis. Spectra analysis, which can predict material constituent nondestructively and quickly, is an indispensable technology of IoT. In this project, therefore, one kind of intelligent spectrometer is developed, which can collect the reflected spectra of object things in the near-infrared range. By analysis the reflected spectra, the constituent of targeted matters, e.g., food, textile and drugs can be predicted nondestructively and quickly. Since the collected spectra data is stored in the cloud server, the big data analysis can be done after collecting enough data with this terminal.
(11) UPP Power Adapting Solution
Universal Power-adapting Protocol (UPP) is a special communication protocol and related standards for the information exchanging between power supplies and electrical loads/appliances. It provides suitable power to all kinds of loads within its range, and adjusts its protection thresholds according to the actual parameters of loads.
(12) FocuSTAR
FocuSTAR positioning system is designed for autonomous vehicles on the social road, where positioning accuracy and latency is crucial. Their innovative system has centimeter level accuracy and millisecond level refresh rate. It meets the “crucial 10-centimeter” requirement as is shown in the figure. Compared with existing positioning systems, FocuSTAR achieves higher accuracy, better real time capacity, and lower cost. The system consists of three parts: the reference station, the base station, and the mobile station.
(13) HoloScreen
Three-dimensional display technology can perfectly show the depth and sense of hierarchy of objects and is recognized as the ultimate dream of display technology development.Holoscreen interactive dynamic 3D display adopts scanning body 3D display technology, which utilizes mechanical structure to drive high-speed vibration of planar holographic film. Accurately match the projection device with frame rate up to 4000 frames per second, project the cross-sectional view of the three-dimensional object in the corresponding position of the space, use the visual persistence effect of the human eye, analogize to the principle of 3D printing, accumulate light and shadow in the space, thereby realizing Real spatial stereo imaging. At this time, it helps empower 1-6 people to visualize, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3 dimensional experience.HoloScreen will lead the new revolution of displayer by redefining 3D display technology.
(14) Psionic Science and Technology
We have introduced the Aisport intelligent fitness appraisal device to guide the user to some specifics through advanced optical dynamic capture algorithms and real-time motion analysis algorithms based on the cnn network. The action is based on the user's dynamic data combined with the Chinese professional fitness assessment program to generate a user-specific fitness assessment report, which in addition to basic indicators such as body weight body fatness, will be as much as 20+ users. The muscle activity of the site is scored to provide real and effective quantifiable reference data for athletes and instructor.
(15) Small Cluster Underwater Robot design with Variable Pitch Propeller
In the transmission scheme and propeller propeller design, the choice of variable pitch propeller structure makes the structure of the variable pitch propeller compact, stable and flexible, and provides sufficient space and stable platform for carrying more carriers; the sub machine is a micro bionic underwater robot, which can drill into corals holes and rock crevices. Use electromagnetic oscillating tail to provide power, adjust motor's slider to adjust the state of pitch and low disturbance. Their advantages are combined to adapt to the complex underwater investigation environment, the most likely to realize the replacement of human resources, complete the Underwater Unmanned search work; design a supporting ground station control system, can switch remote control and autonomous cruising mode, can use gesture recognition control, enhance the sense of experience.
(16) Mira Therapeutics
Mira Therapeutics offers digital therapeutics for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment. Mira is a virtual patient assistant that provides interactive crisis grounding, guided symptom journaling, and trauma focused teletherapy. Mira includes a clinician dashboard that improves therapy sessions by identifying important discussion topics, potential crisis triggers, and hidden symptom trends.
(17) RoboDog
This innovation is a mobile social robotic animal for addressing problems around care for the elderly with features of biometric data monitoring, voice interaction and emotional recognition, and personal assistance, without the care or maintenance required for a pet.
(18) Varista
VARISTA is a personalized supplements platform for the growing supplements market. The global supplements market is projected to reach 230 Billion USD by 2022, with much growth coming from China.  VARISTA's proprietary at home testing kits enable consumers to make more informed decisions about supplements. This removes a major pain point for consumers when they are choosing supplements that are best for them. VARISTA removes the guesswork and enables personalized supplement just for you.
(19) Miirabella
Miirabella is a cutting-edge mobile solution, leveraging true 3D Facial Recognition, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, designed to remedy the complexity of makeup application while helping users expand potential beauty options at the lowest cost. Not only is Miirabella the first to provide real-time assistance on makeup procedures that is both truly interactive and fully customizable, it also recommends looks based on either the products owned by the user or any desired digital looks, including celebrity makeovers, which can be reverse-engineered to fit the user's face perfectly with AR step-by-step instructions to guide the user through completing the look with ease.
(20) Aegis AI
Aegis AI employs computer vision to automatically detects guns in existing security camera feeds then notifies the police and provides early warning to building occupants. It saves lives in active shooter situations by reducing police response times from an average of 18 minutes down to an average of 8 minutes, and by providing building occupants with the live information necessary to take evacuation or defensive measures. Aegis AI's human-in-the-loop model means that registered detections will be confirmed by a trained analyst before law enforcement is notified, providing additional redundancy that ensures flawless accuracy and peace of mind.

3. Awards list

Small Cluster Underwater Robot Design with Variable Pitch Propeller
Aegis AI      RoboDog      Miirabella
Portable Near-Infrared Spectrometer
New Hab      Brianstat       Dynamic Voice Authentication