Professor Qiu Yong

In the face of challenges related to the environment, resources and health, we need to cooperate across national boundaries to find solutions. GIX creates an innovative educational model that will facilitate international and interdisciplinary integration for technological innovation.

QIU YongPresident Tsinghua University


“在环境、资源、健康等全球性挑战面前,人类是一个命运共同体。全球创新学院有三个重要特点,概括为三个‘I’:International,国际合作办学;Interdisciplinary 跨学科交叉;Integratio,跨界融合。GIX将致力于培养具备全球视野和创新精神的人才,致力于解决人类共同面临的全球性问题。”

——清华大学校长 邱勇


Ana Mari Cauce

Uniting students with faculty, professionals, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines will foster expansive thinking and better prepare a generation of leaders with a passion for discovery and the ability to be nimble.

Ann Mari CaucePresident of University of Washington



——美国华盛顿大学校长,Ana Mari Cauce


FundamentallyGIX is about looking ahead a decade and a century.

Brad SmithPresident of Microsoft



——微软总裁,Brad Smith