GIX Innovation Competition 2017


GIX Innovation Competition is an annual event with a specific theme every year.  It is a unique opportunity for students, inventors and entrepreneurs to bring forward innovative ideas, projects and prototypes and be evaluated and mentored by world-renowned thought leaders in industry and top universities.


The first GIX Innovation Competition was successfully held in Beijing in 2016. It attracted hundreds of teams and contestants.  The winning projects provided insights into solutions addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges such as air pollution, navigation difficulty of the blind, and renewable energy.

Competition Theme

Year 2017’s competition continues the theme of Connected Devices, in alignment with the first GIX dual master degree track. We seek projects that are original, technologically inventive, covering areas such as the Internet of Things, wearable devices, intelligent hardware, VR, AR, ubiquitous computing, intelligent sensors, natural interactions with potential applications in various fields (such as education, environment protection, healthcare, transportation, fitness, entertainment and Information Accessibility, etc.).


The GIX 2017 Innovation Competition is currently accepting submissions from emerging innovators with connected device projects. The extended deadline for submissions is June 24th, 2017.

Special Meituan-Dianping Track

Year 2017’s competition partnered with Meituan-Dianping, we set a special Meituan-Dianping track to recruit projects focusing on the robotic technology. With two prizes of total amount $30,000, we are looking for solutions for the following topic.


Delivery Robot


Meituan-Dianping is a world-leading one-stop life service platform. Among its products, Meituan Waimai is the world's largest on-demand food delivery service. With the rapid growth of the business, Meituan Waimai is facing a big challenge in the delivery efficiency and capability, so we are seeking solutions in robotic technology.


The complete process of a Meituan Waimai order includes the following steps:


1. A user orders food on the platform;


2. The platform selects a driver and pushes the order information to the driver;


3. The driver goes to the merchant and picks up food;


4. The driver transports food to the target location;


5. The driver hands food to the user.


Please use robotic techniques to improve the delivery process, the above step 3 to step 5. It could be an unmanned vehicle, a drone or any other robot; it could a complete solution, or any innovation in a sub-area including autonomous driving, high-precision outdoor/indoor mapping and localization, human-computer interaction, sensor fusion, deep learning, computer vision, etc. We are looking forward to innovative ideas and great implementations.


To apply for the Meituan-Dianping track, simply download the application form and the information list below, check the option in the form and send it back to us.


Prize Setting

This year's GIX Innovation Competition will have one Frist Prize, prize amount $30,000; two Second Prizes, prize amount $20,000 and three Third Prizes, prize amount $10,000.


A Unique Mentor-Program

First for GIX Innovation Competition, a mentor-program is introduced this year whereas a technical expert will be assigned to each team reaching the final round. The mentor and the project team will work closely together on the project during the final stage of the competition, to bring a complete and polished prototype and/or presentation for the final judgment.  This provides tremendous values to the team members, as they will have the opportunity to learn and benefit from some of the most experienced industry leaders.



Candidates are teams with up to three members who are either currently enrolled in a college degree program or have graduated from such a program within five years.  The chosen project by the team should be original and not financed yet.  The team should ensure that the project they submit has no conflict and intellectual property disputes with other inventions.  The team must be willing to travel to Seattle, Washington State, U.S. for the final competition if it reaches the final round.


Each project will be judged by the level of innovation, teamwork and application potentials.


In the final round, the prototypes of the products (functional hardware) need to be presented.


Competition Schedule

The Launch of the Competition

On April 13th, 2017, the second GIX Innovation Competition was announced in Seattle, Washington State.


Submission of Applications

The submission of applications opens from April 13th to June 24th, 2017.


Presentation and Evaluation of Projects

The first round: 50 outstanding teams selected from all qualified applications (by July 7th, 2017)

The second round: 50 teams will make live presentations and Q&A via video conferencing. Final 6 teams will be selected among them (by August 3rd, 2017. Further details will be released.)


Final Round

The final round is a live road show held in Seattle, Washington State on September 15th, 2017. The prototypes of projects need to be presented in the final round. The judges will select one first-prize winner, two second-prize winners, and three third-prize winners from all 6 teams.


Team Requirements

l   Up to 3 members each team

l   All members must be currently enrolled in college degree programs or graduated within 5 years

l   Willing to travel to Seattle for the final round on September 14th through September 16th.

l   Willing to work with a mentor/coach in the August time frame to prepare for the final round.


How to apply:

Step1. Complete the online application through here

Step2. Send your project proposal to us by email.


The project proposal should be a slide presentation converted into a PDF file.

In your project proposal, please use no more than 9 slides to describe your bright idea. The description should include the following:

1. The current stage of your project

2. The summary of the innovation

3. The analysis of the technical details

4. The market analysis

You may use any graphs, pictures or tables to demonstrate your great idea.


Please use your team name to rename the PDF file and send it to by 5:00pm, June 24th, 2017, U.S. Pacific Time (which is 8:00am, June 25th, 2017, Beijing Time).


Make sure to use the same email address for step 1 and 2.


Should you have any further enquires, please contact us by


Have fun and good luck!