About GIX

Global Innovation Exchange Institute, or GIX, is a multi-culture and open education-research platform co-created by two of the world's leading research universities: Tsinghua University and Washington University. GIX locates on Seattle, Washington, U.S., dedicating itself to the cultivation of leaders with global vision and innovation sprits, exploring a series of global challenges such as smart devices, smart medicine and clean energy.

GIX is Tsinghua's first physical presence and first international cooperative education and research platform overseas, also known as The Tsinghua Campus that Went Abroad. It is a milestone in the internationalization of higher education in China, and is under the attention of the national leaders. On 23rd September 2015, during his visit to Seattle, President XI Jinping presented a dawn redwood to GIX campus which was under construction. Dawn redwood is a tree native to China, represented XI Jinping's blessing to GIX for its future success. 

Bring together top learners, teachers, technology talents, industrial leaders and entrepreneurs from across the fields, GIX will power innovation through an ambitious new international education model that is project-based, to carry out a comprehensive teaching and research in the field of interdisciplinary integration and innovation, cultivating talents that are in urgent needs for the world economic development and research innovation.